It happens quite frequently that I hear people talking about values and how of an important role they play, not only for companies but for individuals in particular. Yet, when I sit down and talk to people, I rarely get the sense that they have a well-defined set of values that guides their lives. 

So why do values matter? To me, the question of values occurred in a crisis situation, when not only I had to make a decision fast, but I also needed to make sure it was the right one, the decision I would not regret later. It was then that I understood that having some believes to stand for will guide you in making a decision, regardless of how difficult that decision is. And that it will help you defend that decision if need be.
So to me, values are a code of conduct on how to act on a daily basis, on how to present myself to the world and how to interact with my peers. What I also like to think of values is that they give you an identity and help you grow into the person you want to become.

I think values are very important and I believe you need to have them listed somewhere so that you can be reminded of them constantly.
So here are my core values:

  • Be bold, don’t be a victim
  • Always keep your promises 
  • Always do what is right even if no one is looking
  • Assume your mistakes and learn from them, don’t try to hide them
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, you are on your own journey
  • Be authentic, tell your story

What are your personal values and how do they guide your journey?

Photo by Nick Phillips on Unsplash